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Training & Seminars

COVID-19 Notice

Due to the current pandemic, our trainings and seminars will take place online for the immediate future. Please contact us at office@brccva.org to book a training online in the near future or to schedule a training on-site after June 10.

Here is a brief sample of seminars we have offered for churches: 

  • Walking Together When Life is Hard
  • Sexual Struggles and the Refuge of God
  • Overcoming Obstacles to a Loving Marriage
  • Facing the Darkness: God’s Heart on Domestic Abuse
  • God’s Design for Parenting

We also partner with the Blue Ridge Institute for Theological Education to provide courses in pastoral and lay counseling. See below for events where BRCC counselors are speaking. For updates, please sign up for our mailing list.

2021 Events Schedule:

  • June 20, Sunday Sermon at Providence PCA, Christiansburg, VA. (Michael Gembola)
  • June – August, Online Class “Counseling in the Local Church,” Westminster Theological Seminary. (Michael Gembola)
  • September 16, “Writing about Sensitive Issues,” Roanoke Valley Christian Writers. (Michael Gembola).
  • September – December, Class “Introduction to Biblical Counseling,” BRITE and Bonhoeffer Haus, Roanoke, VA. (Michael Gembola)
  • October 8-10, Session “The Mercies and Misunderstandings of Modern Divorce,” CCEF National Conference, Greensboro, NC. (Michael Gembola)