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Pastoral, Lay, and Professional Counseling

COVID-19 Notice 

Please plan to follow the guidelines given by the Virginia Department of Health when you visit our offices. For the most up-to-date information on our policies, see VDH Guidance. We also will continue to provide virtual and outdoor options for clients at high risk or who request other accommodations. For more information on providers, locations, and availability, please fill out a new client inquiry form at this link. 


Care Options

MA-level Counseling. Rates are $100 per 50-minute session. Many churches offer to share counseling costs, and we also offer a sliding-scale payment structure that may be requested for situations of financial need. *Please note: providers who serve as biblical and pastoral counselors, are not able to bill to insurers. 

Doctoral-level Counseling. Rates are $125 per 50-minute session. Scholarships are available according to need. *If you are seeking insurance reimbursement, please request a superbill from your provider. 

Parenting Consultations. Dreama Plybon Love, CFLE, has a variety of options available for providing care for parents. She is able to meet with parents for a season or periodic consultations, do in-home visits, and provide trainings tailored to the specific needs of families in your church. Fill out the above inquiry form and she will contact you to help you select the option best suited to your family. 

Psychological testing.  Dan Martinson, PsyD, offers testing to confirm or rule out the presence of developmental disabilities and other clinical diagnoses.  Test results can help to make individually tailored recommendations for education, therapy, and several other areas of life.  Please fill out an inquiry form here and we will reach out to talk about what kind of testing best fits your needs.

Groups. If you are interested in an upcoming group counseling series, please fill out our inquiry form here.

Interns, fellows, and lay counselors. Providers in training who are in training offer care by donation only. They receive supervision and mentoring throughout their training.