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Missionaries cannot always come off the field for counseling, and often times do not need to. MCI provides counseling on an on going basis, typically 2 to 12 months, as the circumstances require.


Our mini-Sabbaticals are counseling intensives for when those in the field need a 3-5 day respite. Our counseling intensives are more than down time, however. It is a time to find a path forward.

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The Missionary Care Initiative is a specialized, crisis management support for missionaries. This care can be provided while still in the field or off, say, during furlough, for example.

Our goal is to provide support to current, prospective, or even former missionaries no matter where they are.

Usually the seasons of counseling, which often lasts about 6 months to a year, are done virtually. It is very important, however, that the ‘mini-sabbaticals’, which are counseling intensives, take place on campus.

We offer some in-house scholarships, however, we work hard to make sure that money is not an obstacle for anyone who needs help.

Usually a missionary agency or a sending church will provide support, which when combined with our individual donors, most costs are covered for the missionary. If someone has a strong connection to the agency or the church, we are willing and able to reach out to them for financial support.

Thank you for asking! The support a missionary can receive from his local congregation is huge. As a pastor, you can talk to your local church or denomination for financial support. Also, you might be involved as a counseling collaborator.

The importance of the team of care that surrounds a missionary is hard to overstate. The particular way, however, a pastor or church will be involved in supporting a missionary or missionary family will depend on each individual case.

These counseling intensives are typically 3-5 days. Normally, a missionary or missionary family does not need to attend an intensive more than once. These times are a time to rest where you are paired with a counselor that is a best fit for you.

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