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Helping Teens Calm Body and Soul

July 9 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Come gain a deeper understanding of teens as embodied souls & learn
practical tools to help them navigate the adolescent season well.

The teenage years are chaotic developmentally, socially and sometimes even spiritually. Along with Julia Crickenberger, a counselor at Cedar Cove, participants will gain a deeper understanding of teens as embodied souls and seek to move towards them well in this season of weakness. This workshop will emphasize practical calming tools we can teach teens (and adults!) to help them ride waves of anxiety and process other difficult emotions.


Tickets are free. However, please consider the suggested donation amount of $25, with a $5 minimum amount requested, in order to help us continue offering these beneficial resources.

***When choosing to donate, simply input your amount, proceed to checkout, and the ticket will be issued. There is no need to select any other option, unless additional tickets are desired. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!