Paul Bell

Biblical Counselor

Paul’s life background looks like that of many expats and missionary kids. It can be not-so-neatly split between 3 countries: Australia, USA, and Eastern Europe. Growing up as a TCK, working and receiving bible education in the local church, and then finally taking his own family into cross-cultural work, every season has been heavily identified by some form of ministry-life. In 2019, the Lord brought his family back to the United States where he completed his masters in biblical counseling at Westminster and has recently settled in the city of Roanoke with his wife and daughter.

The first 10 years of Paul’s work experience in the US were a major culture shock as he dove into work as a firefighter-EMT Paramedic. During that time, he married Emily who was completing nursing school. They served in the church in various ministries before moving overseas themselves. The next decade was spent working in two different religious contexts: Muslim and Orthodox Christian. Their service was involved heavily in community investment as well as developing the local church through preaching and discipleship. Emergency services, life in a war-torn country, and family struggles have challenged him to a deeper view of God and how the gospel applies to past and ongoing suffering.

Paul desires to help ministry workers and their families in the unique challenges that they face including; trauma, mental health issues, burnout, TCK-PK struggles, and acute and chronic crisis. Other areas of focus include grief, anxiety, fear, anger, sexual struggles, and ministry-team conflict. He also has experience helping families who have experienced infertility and adoption and the haze that comes with child physiological, mental, and spiritual issues that reshape your experience of life and ministry.