Emily grew up in Georgia, living in the same house until she married a missionary kid, Paul Bell. Since then, the couple has not stopped moving, flipping houses around Atlanta and then living in Eastern Europe for 10 years. There they served on a church planting team. Graduating with a bachelor’s of science in nursing, her profession as registered nurse gives her practical experience to her gifting in education, advocacy, and hospitality. Working overseas for an extended period, she has experienced the joys and struggles associated with ministry-life and cultural changes. In addition to her immersion in the art and stress of serving on a multi-cultural missions team, she has walked in life with those experiencing infertility, adoption, addiction, abandonment, and debilitating health. 

Emily enjoys painting and embroidery and almost always has an unfinished art project somewhere in the house. She enjoys walks with her dogs, playing board games, puzzles, cooking, and being active in the community. The Bell’s front door is always open to friends and strangers alike.

Her gifting of hospitality and nursing assessment complement her role at BRCC as she works with fellow staff to coordinate focused times of counseling care for missionaries and their families.