Counselor Introduction: David Peck

Why did I become a counselor? I have desired to be a counselor for many years and God finally opened the door a few years ago. My greatest sense of fulfillment comes from helping people discover more of who God is and how He is at work in their lives.

What are the key features of my counseling? I try to blend self-discovery with teaching and a more directive approach when desired.

What is Christian Counseling? Short answer: intense discipleship focused on a particular area of need. To expand on that, it is looking at a person’s life as holistically as possible and applying specific scripture and Christian principles in a way that helps them grow through their struggles. 

What types of clients do I work with? I work with older teenagers and adults with a variety of questions and struggles ranging from sexual sin and temptation to marriage and parenting dynamics.  

Where can I meet? I can meet in the Roanoke office, my church office in SE Roanoke or online.

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