Counselor Introduction: Paul Bell

Why did I become a counselor? 

In a war-torn environment I became frustrated with a purely intellectual model of holiness. What does Jesus say to those who don’t have the capacity to rationally think? What does Jesus promise to those who are imprisoned in a body that is wracked with pain or nightmares? How can he redeem when the harm that was done was actually propagated in his name? Asking these questions, and even finding a few answers, lead me to a place where I felt like I, in Christ, could be helpful to others who have similar questions. 

What are the key features of my counseling? 

I believe in helping people wrestle with their whole person so that they can better follow Jesus in a holistic manner. This includes understanding the body, thoughts, emotions, and relationships through a redemptive lens. Many people in Christian circles live fragmented lives. One of the benefits of a biblically informed model of counseling is having the freedom to bring all these pieces before the Lord so that we can truly begin to experience the life that Jesus promised.

What is Christian Counseling? 

Christian counseling seeks to reframe the narrative of any struggle, be it suffering or sin, through the lens of the promises and work of Jesus Christ. It seeks to bring real hope and help to bear on insurmountable problems in the present. It also seeks to help people discover what they have been using to manage or cope with the brokenness in and around them and strategize how they can being to turn their habitual control into faith.  

What types of clients do I work with?

In the area of suffering I love to walk with people wrestling with trauma, with chronic issues like pain or grief, and with ministry related stress. In the area of sin struggles I have experiencing helping with sexual challenges, with addictive habits, and inter-relational difficulties. In all these categories I can help the individual, couple, or family.  

Where can I meet? 

I am available at the Roanoke office and virtually.

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