Counselor Introduction: Dale Kuiken Answers the Question: “Is Christian Counseling Effective?”

“I learned how to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit and to hear him.  After finding healing and hope for living, I knew I wanted to help others know Jesus Christ in these ways that had transformed my life.” 

Why I became a counselor  

I became a counselor because I went through a very hard season in my life, and  struggled with depression and utter hopelessness. Even though I was brought up in a  Christian home and attended church and activities all of my life, I was not prepared for  the suffering I would go through. Through this, I also discovered that God’s love did not  really impact me. I discovered my faith was mostly intellectual, but not heart felt. God  used this season in my life to take me deeper into a relationship with Christ and to  know his love for me on a deeper level, which impacted me as a sinner and a sufferer. I  began to change as a Christian counselor cared for me, and helped me see God in a  more true and relevant way. She taught me how to interact with Christ in a personal  way, and helped me to uncover some assumptions about God that I didn’t even know  were there. I learned how to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit and to hear him.  After finding healing and hope for living, I knew I wanted to help others know Jesus  Christ in these ways that have been life transforming. 

Unique features of my counseling  

Having been a client of counseling before, I feel it helps me to know what it’s like for  those who see me. I am very patient with people and desire to set my clients at ease. I  am personable and have a relatively good sense of humor. I approach those I counsel,  knowing I am a fellow sinner and sufferer, in need of Christ. I seek to understand my  clients well, listening carefully. I view the counseling relationship as a very important  part of the process. I also seek to connect my clients to Christ in meaningful and  relevant ways, and to point them to him as their Savior, and not to me. 

Is Christian Counseling effective?  

Yes. It’s effective because we seek to connect our clients to a person, Jesus Christ,  rather than to a program. We believe it is the Holy Spirit who changes people’s hearts  and we work to help people connect to a living relationship with Christ that is  meaningful, fruitful, and brings glory to God.

What type of clients do I work with?  

I work with individual adults, both males and females with various concerns. My areas  of focus include depression, anxiety, fears, shame, guilt, grief, women’s issues, spiritual  formation, relational issues, childhood abuse, sexual trauma, and domestic abuse.  

Where can I meet?  

I work out of both the Roanoke and Christiansburg offices, as well as seeing online  clients.  

If you are interested in pursuing counseling with Nick or with Blue Ridge Christian Counseling, get started Here.

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