Upcoming CCEF Conference


“What should we do when we’re trying to help people struggling with problems that don’t seem to be found in the Bible?  Where do we turn?  Where can we find help?  We want to offer relevant, God-centered help, but as we try to navigate through 21st-century problems such as social media use, online dating, gender identity, and complex trauma, we often feel somewhat lost and out of our element.  It’s tempting to resort to simplistic answers — or to give up, questioning that such an ancient text can help with modern problems.  But then again — if God has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3) — surely His Word has something meaningful and life-giving to say as we care for hurting and trouble souls.  Join us for our 2021 conference, where we will examine how to bring the wisdom of Scripture to bear on the questions and difficulties of living today.”

– Christian Counseling & Education Foundation


For more information about registration and pricing please visit this link.

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