Free resource on racial trauma

We recently posted a link to a limited-time, free article by Ed Welch from the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and in it he surveys three popular books on trauma and the body, and he engages them with thoughtful biblical reflections. 

Today we want to share another limited-time, free resource, on a related topic, this time by Sheila Wise Rowe, called Healing Racial Trauma: The Road to Resilience. You can access it by visiting ChristianAudio at this link. No member fee, and no proceeds go to us for either resource. 

Why a couple resources on trauma? Last fall we had a small, COVID-safe local event with Restoring Hope Roanoke, Street Ransom, and the Blue Ridge Women’s Center on the topic of trauma and Christian ministry, especially with reference to benevolence and mercy ministries. We look forward to announcing a follow-up to this event in the coming months, where we consider burnout and secondary-trauma experiences in light of our Christian hope. More to come soon, but we hope you’ll join us. 

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