Launching Blue Ridge Christian Counseling, Inc.

6 years ago, several church leaders in Roanoke began meeting periodically to dream together about the possibility of starting a counseling center. The hope was to find a way to care well for their church members, and also to provide a safe place to support their leaders and missionaries in their times of need.

They had come to appreciate the vision of CCEF to “restore Christ to counseling, and counseling to the church.” So their hope was to bring much of what often exists under the umbrella of mental health into a Christian vision for the care and shepherding of souls. Some of that work is conceptual – bringing Christ into counseling by placing psychological insights into a Christian framework. Some of that work is organizational – bringing the world of counseling into greater interface and partnership with the world of the church.

In late January of 2018, this vision came to fruition and Blue Ridge Christian Counseling began its first day of providing counseling to people in the Roanoke and Christiansburg area.

We are excited to offer our service to partner churches and to others who are interested in Christian counseling. We do not at all intend ourselves to be the answer to all the need in the area, but we recognize that we have a role and calling to fulfill, and we feel the privilege of taking up this charge.

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